Greenwillow Grains

Greenwillow Grains
My marketing class case study is for a local organic grain business named Greenwillow Grains. I chose them as they have great products and I would like to see them be more successful.
Greenwillow Grains started thinking about growing hard red wheat near Brownsville in 2003. The first planting and harvest did not produce much. But it proved the concept that red wheat could be grown locally. If the product could be grown here what are the opportunities for selling locally? Most people don’t buy raw grain and turn it into flour themselves, so somebody must change the grain into flour. Once they bought the milling machines they could turn grain into flour and they  had a product they could market.
Besides being locally owned and using locally sourced organic grains for their products, are there any other things that set them apart from the competition? The 2 main competitors for this food group are Bob’s red mill (Portland) and Grain Millers (Eugene). Neither of these opt…

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Topic 1:Social Listening

The brand I chose was one of my favorite wineries, Chateau St Michelle. They produce several varietals that I enjoy very much. And as they are rather large and rather popular I presumed that others may have something to say. Maybe something about a favorite wine or some of the musical entertainment that the host.

The Value Proposition is fine (yet not terribly expensive) wines, which is what originally attracted me to the brand. I suppose that some people come to the winery for the entertainment. But by and large the main attraction is the wine.

What are 3 things that people are saying? Oddly I did not see any posts not from the winery itself or people in the wine business. The "Wine Spectator" and someone from "Great NW Wine" said nice things about the wines produced. But NOT ONE of the 2400 Twitter followers had anything to say. I checked Facebook and fared no better. While they have an extensive following in the physical world it seems i…

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Topic 1: About me

What prompted me to enroll in this course?  First, it is a required course for the business programs at LBCC. But I am also interested in starting a business and will eventually need to understand Marketing
Are you a business/marketing major?  Actually I am an Accounting major. I am interested in business and the accounting track includes a number or business classes
What are you most interested in learning about marketing?  How to effectively create marketing strategy for a product. How to find customers.
Something I am passionate about? I am very passionate about travel and in particular taking photographs while I travel.  

Topic 2: Marketing in the news.
Popular Fox news host Bill O'Reilly has created controversy (yet again) with the claims from five women (and the settlement of some of those claims) of sexual harassment. Mr O'Reilly has settled with at least 5 women for something like $13 million.

Fox has spent most of the last year trying to move past t…